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We developed a simple and effective plan of packing services. We work tirelessly at the large scale work with discipline in packers and movers services. We provide a well comfortservice level to our all clients for packing and moving services.


We offering comprehensive solution & variety of services to simplify the complicated process needs to packers services. We promise to achieve our targets for safe and happy Relocation services. 


We take care of your every single movable, for which we offer fast & reliable services that include both industrial & household goods. The entire packing is done under the guidance of experts who make sure that all the goods are packed with utmost care, so that they don't get damaged while shifting.


Packing & Unpacking Services


We are happy to do all the carton packing for you. After all we are

the acking experts.You will have peace of mind

knowing that your personal effects are carefully protected

using specialized packaging materials secured in purpose-designed cartons.

Our experience, combined with our specialized packing materials, will provide the best possible protection to your precious belongings. Your highly trained, professional packer willl arrive at a designated time with all the appropriate Packing materials and get the job done efficiently, in a minimum of time.

 The professional and caring Accurate International Movers and Packers - Unpackig Team will quickly and carefully unpack your belonging s to help you settle into your home . As soon as our team of removalists unload your precious items, the valet staff will get to work.

They can promptly unpack the contents of your cartons, set up your kitchen, organise your bedrooms and make your new home fully functional from the moment you arrive .

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Loading & Unloading Serives


We provide hassle free loading & unloading

services to our custmers. Loading & unloading

 of goods is not an easy task.These are the

crucial tasks which need to be accomplished

in correct manner taking the maximum effort for trouble free shifting. Loading & Unloading is not a job to be done by a single person. It must be finished with a group of professionals to avoid mishapsand also accidents.

Before carrying out the process it has to be preplanned and should be carried out in proper way. If even a single step goes wrong you will wash out your hand with your valuable goods. So it is better advisable to hire the services of packing and moving, Loading & Unloading service provider. We are here with our quality services to handle the case and need related with the shifting of custmers. We at Accurate International Movers & Packers with the help our pioneered expert provide hassle free shifting services.

Car Transportation Services


We acquire apecially designed containers and

trailers to load and unload cars very safely using

high power jacks and ramps. Wherever car trailer

are not available we can send them

through our reliable goods carrier with an escort. Also we make sure that the vehicle is properly latched and proper spacing is maintained while loading to prevent any scratches.


Our expert skills and complete dedication backed by modern technology and our immense care ansures smooth speedy and swift transition of your vehicle.We offer Comuterized Vehicle Tracking services making you tension free. Also you only pay the quoted price, without a deposit or cancellation fee. Following is a list of the pre-move activities carried by us: Inspection of the vehicle is done by the company's expert in the presence of a customer/his representative.


Motorcycle Transport


Accurate International Movers and Packers

are a friendly and efficient Bike Transporting 

Company. We have been professionally

transporting all types of motorbikes India wide

at very competitive rates. All bikes are transported in fully enclosed rigid trucks with tailgate loading.

5 Reasons to use Motorbike Movers?

 Safety: Each bike is individually secured. Each bike is treated with care.

 Savings: Our prices are best. Find a cheaper quote and we will try to beat it.

 Set Runs: We offer daily and weekly set runs.

 Storage: We offer secure storage if required.

 Security: Each bike will be looked over on pickup with a condition report taken.


Contact Motorbike Movers today! Moving Interstate? Professional and friendly staff at Interstate Removals.

Storage Services


Accurate International

Movers & Packers can

assist you with short

or long term securestorage in our state of the art facilities. Our storage facility is secure with CCTV recording and back to base alarm system.

Storage of furniture are placed into our secure storage modules, AIMP storage modules are made out of weather resistant plywood. They are made out of plywood for a very good reason - because plywood breathes. The modules are not designed to get wet, so they are always kept in a secured warehouse. this means the AIMP storage module maintains a very constant temprerature whilst in store, and prevents deterioration that can occur from damp, mildew and rust.

Unlike a self storage shed, which is basically a slab of concrete with a thin tin roof over it, AIMP are slightly elevated from floor level, ensuring a steady airflow under and around the storage module. Therefore on a 40 degree day outside the plywood module will be comfortably cool inside our warehouse, and on a freezing winter night the plywood keeps things comfortably warm inside. This is much better for your furniture and is another reason why our system is the best chance your furniture has of "surviving" being stored! Our storage modules also seal well to exclude dust, so you can be confident your furniture will be returned to you in a clean, ready to use condition.

We also offer pallet storage for bulk items and archive file boxes.

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Office Relocation


To plan the move in accordance with the client's needs,Office Relocation Solutions arranges a meeting to discuss and map out the exact details of your office move. This allows us to understand fully what you want us to do, and to apply the necessary resources and equipment. We can also assign a Project Manager to take care of your office move. Although a Project Manager is not always  necessary, we would certainly suggest it with a larger scale office move. Our Project Manager have an in depth knowledge and experience of office removals, and will help you plan and organise your relocation more efficiently.